Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson's First Kiss Took Place Four or Five Years Ago

And way back in 2012, Simpson described Cyrus as his "childhood celebrity crush." 👀

2019 MTV Video Music Awards - Roaming Show
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Miley Cyrus has had a very eventful year so far, and she's showing no signs of slowing down.

Having announced her split from husband and long-term romantic partner Liam Hemsworth in August 2019, Cyrus then embarked upon a summer fling with Brody Jenner's ex, Kaitlynn Carter. However, Cyrus and Carter's romance cooled off in recent weeks, and the singer has now been linked to Cody Simpson.

Here's everything we know so far about Cyrus and Simpson's rumored fling.

Their joint Halloween costume was pretty steamy.

For Halloween 2019, Cody and Miley dressed up as Billy Idol and his '80s lover, Perri Lister. Miley captioned one of the posts, "It’s easy to tease but hard to get release ... 🖤," referencing the Billy Idol lyrics they were miming. Needless to say, they looked super loved-up.

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BFI 4 EVR 💀🖤

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My Idol 🖤

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Miley even did Cody's makeup!

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makin up my man into baby billy idol! 🖤

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Liam is officially over it.

According to E! News, a source revealed that Hemsworth "doesn't have a reaction or plan on engaging with Miley." The source also noted that the actor has "moved on," referencing the fact that he's now dating Maddison Brown, who stars in Dynasty.

It seems that Hemsworth isn't concerned about Cyrus's new relationship with Simpson. Instead, per E! News's source, "He's leaving it all in the past and is in a different place now. He is busy on set and working. That's his focus now and what he is going to keep doing." And he's certainly not getting any updates about Cyrus's love life: "He doesn't want to hear about it and usually doesn't."

Cody won The Masked Singer Australia.

In an unexpected turn of events, Simpson was crowned the winner of The Masked Singer Australia in late October. While serenading Cyrus on Instagram, Simpson was also appearing on the Australian version of the popular TV show.

According to People, Lindsay Lohan, who served as a judge on the show, was less than impressed with Simpson's win, and she took to Instagram to reveal why.

In a since-deleted Instagram post, Lohan referred to the fact that Simpson allegedly broke up with her sister, Ali Lohan, and wrote, "You won the masked singer but you lost on your future." She later replaced the brutal post with a congratulatory Instagram instead.

Fans think Miley dissed ex Liam.

In an extremely revealing livestream, Cyrus and Simpson answered fan questions about their relationship, which sounds like it’s pretty darn serious.

In response to why her relationship with Simpson was working right now, Cyrus explained, "There are good men out there, guys, don't give up. You don't have to be gay, there are good people with dicks out there, you've just got to find them. You've got to find a dick that's not a dick, you know? I always thought I had to be gay, because I thought all guys were evil, but it's not true. There are good people out there that just happen to have dicks. I've only ever met one, and he's on this live."

Obviously, having said she's "only ever met one" good guy, Cyrus seemed to be suggesting that she's not a fan of Hemsworth. Also, people are understandably pretty annoyed that Cyrus suggested people "don't have to be gay" in the stream, while professing her love for Simpson.

Their first kiss was probably in "some dirty-ass nightclub."

Also in Cyrus's livestream, the couple revealed that their first kiss was four or five years ago. When asked where it took place, Cyrus said, "Probably some dirty-ass nightclub."

They covered Kylie Jenner's "Rise and Shine."

Kylie Jenner serenaded Stormi Webster with a rendition of "Rise and Shine" this week, and it instantly became an Internet sensation. So perhaps unsurprisingly, Simpson and Cyrus took to Instagram to share their very own wake-up call. With Simpson on guitar and Cyrus on vocals, the couple proved that they're a musical force to be reckoned with.

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your new alarm clock 🌞 ⏰

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Cyrus captioned the sweet video clip, "your new alarm clock 🌞 ⏰."

They have no qualms about taking risqué mirror selfies.

Simpson took to Instagram to show off a new tattoo on his upper chest—and also to upload a mirror selfie of him and Cyrus, whose hand was … peculiarly placed, to say the least. Just scroll through to see what I mean.

Miley and Cody can't keep their hands off each other—even while eating porridge.

On Monday, Cyrus posted a new photo of her and Simpson making out, this time while leaning across a table over two bowls of oatmeal.

"Porridge is an aphrodisiac," the singer captioned the Insta PDA.


If getting turned on by the blandest of breakfast foods isn't a sign that these two are in the honeymoon phase of their relationship, we don't know what is.

Miley seems to have confirmed that they're exclusive.

On Saturday, October 12, Cyrus commented "Boo thang" on a new pic Simpson posted to Instagram. When a fan commented, "Does Miley share?" Miley responded with a thumbs down emoji, which seems to signal that she and Simpson have taken seeing other people off the table.

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Roundup ✨ #CommentsByCelebs

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Cody Simpson isn't sure yet if Miley Cyrus is "The One."

During an appearance at the Tiffany & Co. men’s collections launch on Friday, October 11, Simpson was candid about his budding relationship with Cyrus. When asked if she was The One, he admitted, "Oh, I don’t know. It’s too early to say," according to Us Weekly.

That doesn't mean things aren't going great. At the same event, Simpson said he's "not single" and "very, very happy" in the new relationship.

"We just have a ball and that’s the most important part of a relationship," he said "The reason why it’s not like … it hasn’t been a really crazy sudden thing is we’ve been friends for so long that when we sort of found each other again in a space where … We both met back in the day when we were partying a lot. We had a lot of fun then … but now we’ve found each other in a space where we’re not partying, working real hard and just like [to] keep things healthy."

Justin Bieber wants to double date.

After Simpson posted a shirtless pic on Instagram, Justin Bieber was quick to pitch in with a witty response.

Firstly, he channeled John Mayer by commenting, "Ur body is a wonderland," and then he suggested, "Double date?" Does this mean we might see the Biebers out on a date night with Simpson and Cyrus soon? Seeing as Simpson replied to Bieber and said, "text me," it's a definitely possibility!

Miley and Cody have been friends for years.

In December 2015, Simpson told GQ Australia, "Miley is one of my best friends and she helps with some of that transitional stuff—trying to escape your childhood. She's super open-minded and I'm working on becoming more like that."

In fact, Simpson and Cyrus were known to move in the same circles back in 2014, when the "Wrecking Ball" singer was dating Patrick Schwarzenegger. At the time, Australian–born Simpson was dating model Gigi Hadid, but they went on to split in 2015.

But it seems that the Australian musician was crushing on Cyrus as far back as 2012. In an interview with Fuse (via People), Simpson called Cyrus his "childhood celebrity crush." He even revealed, "I knew all the words to her songs, I'm not gonna lie—I'm not ashamed about it at all."

They were spotted kissing in public.

Just days ago, Simpson and Cyrus were photographed making out at a Backyard Bowls in Los Angeles, with TMZ sharing footage and photos of the alleged date.

Cyrus later addressed the kiss on social media in an Instagram Story and wrote, "Can't I just have a kiss and açaí bowl?!?!" She also discussed the double standard with which women are judged when they embark upon relationships, and made it clear that she's just having fun and living her life.

Simpson posted a sweet selfie with Cyrus.

Taking to Instagram in early October to share an intimate moment, Simpson could be seen kissing Cyrus's forehead in the black-and-white snap. He captioned the pic, "Pre swim breakfast courtesy of baby."

Cyrus seemingly returned the favor when she posted an Instagram Story featuring a topless photo of Simpson, which suggested that he ticks all of her boxes as he's "22," "Australian (my type)," and has a killer set of "abs."

Then he serenaded her in bed.

In another Instagram Story, Simpson and Cyrus could be seen snuggling in bed, as the Australian sang Spiral Starecase's 1969 single, "More Today than Yesterday." Prepare to swoon.

And helped nurse her back to health.

When Cyrus was diagnosed with tonsillitis, it was Simpson who apparently looked after her.

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Tonsillitis and still gorg ✨👑🥺

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Having posted some snaps of herself resting in bed, Cyrus then shared a photo of Simpson playing guitar, along with the caption, "The DR. is back .... luckiest."

Also visible in the pic of Simpson was a piece of artwork hanging on the wall, which read, "Mom I'm gay." Curiously, Cyrus added a second caption to the pic and wrote, "Btw mom... there's been a change of plans," seemingly in reference to her new romance with Simpson.

Simpson wrote a love poem for Cyrus.

As if nursing her back to health wasn't enough, Simpson seemingly also penned a love poem for the "Slide Away" singer.

"The moon's souvenir / the boulevardier / a ballerina on the promenade," he wrote on Instagram. "We open our curtains to the domesticated world / for a natural hour / spinning Elvis records / and making love / in the soft jewelled morning."

Cyrus was hospitalized and "BF" Simpson paid her a visit.

Cyrus's tonsillitis saw the singer admitted to the hospital, where she awaited a visit from her "BF"—yes, Cyrus is calling Simpson her boyfriend already.

Cyrus also shared video clips of Simpson serenading her with a new song called "Golden Thing," which seems to be about her. In one clips, Cyrus even calls the track her "favorite song ever" and says she's trying to convince him to release it as a single.

Simpson also arrived at the hospital with roses, and we are dead now.

They posed for the sweetest, shirtless selfie.

When Cyrus finally made it home for the hospital, Simpson took some mirror selfies with his beau. While Simpson smartly opted to show off his stunning abs, Cyrus hugged him from behind. The photo's caption said, "She made it home. Recovering from surgery send all the vibe$."

They have "no plans to start dating."

After Simpson and Cyrus's very public make-out session, a source told Entertainment Tonight, "Cody and Miley have no plans to start dating each other exclusively. They both just want to have fun and are open and honest with each other about that."

The source also explained, "Miley and Cody have been friends for years. They have hooked up in the past," suggesting that the friends are "very close and feel comfortable." But as for a relationship, it's apparently extremely unlikely right now.

Ex Kaitlynn Carter is reportedly concerned.

Even though Carter ended her summer fling with Cyrus on good terms, apparently the reality TV star is "worried for her well-being," per TMZ. The site also noted, "We're told Kaitlynn has expressed concern over Miley's behavior to friends," suggesting she's worried that Cyrus is moving too fast.

Celebrity Sightings in Los Angeles - September 14, 2019
Kaitlynn Carter and Miley Cyrus in Los Angeles on September 14, 2019.
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However, TMZ's source also claimed that Carter's "not bothered" by Cyrus's latest fling.

Cyrus wants to be single.

Following her splits from Hemsworth and Carter, Cyrus is reportedly "looking forward to being single" again. In September, a source told People, "Miley split from Liam to focus on herself. Her relationship with Kaitlynn was a happy surprise."

However, it seems that Cyrus wasn't ready to commit to another relationship right away, as People's source explained, "Miley was so invested in her relationship with Liam for a long time. She felt her relationship with Kaitlynn was almost moving in that direction, too."

A source had previously told People that the singer "doesn't want a seriously relationship" right now. So is Cyrus's dalliance with Simpson just another fling?

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